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New Mexico Women's Global Pathways

Who We Are:

New Mexico Women's Global Pathways (NMWGP) is a non-funded non-profit established January 2009 by African, Asian and American low- or no- income women and girls, the majority of whom are survivors of conflict and political upheaval. They have lost everything: family, home and heath. Some are widows, refugees, victims of rape and torture. Our programs help girls and women receive the training and support needed to be self sufficient economically, educationally, socially and become leaders in their own societies. The majority reside in the International District and are from Africa, Asia, The Middle East, Haiti, Mexico, Cuba and the United States.

At the Round House in Santa Fe, NM, during the Asian American and International District Day

Project Goals:

The women who formed NMWGP believe that educating women and girls is the single most effective strategy to eliminate poverty. Our goals are simple:

1. Create economic wealth for poor women and their families in Albuquerque

2. Increase social cohesion among the women and connections with resources in their communities

3. Encourage women's participation in civic affairs

NMWGP Mission:

Our mission is to empower the most marginalized populations of New Mexico including refugee and other immigrant, local, low-income women, girls, and their families, to attain self-sufficiency through education, economic development, and strengthened life skills. We seek to address the social, economical, emotional and educational needs of women and their children. We are a New Mexico non-profit organization and a flagship education and economic program of the Immigrant Refugee Resource Village Of Albuquerque (IRRVA).

Micro-Enterprise Development Program

This free program enables those hit hard by hardship to become financially independent by helping them develop capital resources and business expertise to start, expand, or strengthen their own business. The program seeks to provide training and technical assistance in traditionally inspired sewing, weaving, jewelry making, business plan development, management, bookkeeping, computer training and marketing to equip participants with the skills they need to become successful entrepreneurs.

Strategy and Approach

Currently NMWGP's free programming consists of a year-long training program that teaches women and girls social, educational, civic and economic rights. Free life skills training in vocational skills such as sewing, weaving, beading, civic participation, decision making, health awareness, domestic violence and leadership development is offered to participants. Participants also learn business skills and gain access to income-generating activities, so that they can move toward self sufficiency economically.

Our goal is to secure funding to maintain our ONE stop center. Each year, we work to hire and train 75 people to create traditionally inspired garments, woven baskets, jewelry and other accessories for selling online to reach a global market. Onsite, we provide daycare and pre-school with culturally sensitive and relevant programming to the center's participants.

Partner with us! Donate to support a safe space for immigrants and refugees to gather, learn and build community!

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