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At Read To Excel/tutoring for children aged 2 years to 18 years. Albuquerque Academy volunteer students teach youth English as A second language and read to and with them.

Basic information about the Immigrant and Refugee Resource Village of Albuquerque.

As immigrants who left the strictures of the Apartheid regime in South Africa, the founders of IRRVA know first-hand the struggles, hopes, and also the potential of the refugee and immigrant communities specifically the Africa refugees and immigrants. It was this deeply rooted knowledge of the many obstacles and strengths of the immigrant and refugee community that led Nkazi and Lungile Sinandile to create a community driven, grass-roots coalition organization by and for immigrants and refugees from Africa. Working in connection with other African leaders living in New Mexico, they hoped that the new African arrivals would not have to face the many cultural challenges past immigrants and refugees faced, all alone. The Sinandiles saw first hand in 2006 that the Africans who resettled in New Mexico were ill equipped and less empowered to deal with the challenges of resettlement. Upon arrival the majority of them lack basic skills including the English language, are often marginalized, discriminated against and lack basic skills to help them navigate local systems. They find it difficult to contribute to their families welfare and to community development.

In collaboration with other local refugee and immigrant serving organizations, IRRVA advocates for and with program participants and engages the adult and the children in leadership development, community engagement, engagement of parents in the education of their children, literacy programs including computer based English as a Second language, group tutoring and STEM. They seek to experiment tutoring with interpretation using native interpreters who speak the program participants languages and teach computer literacy to include website development and coding with assistant of community volunteers.

A. Programs and Services IRRVA currently offers:

Under IRRVA's flagship program New Mexico Women's Global Pathways, the following projects are offered:

1. Vocational Skills Training via a Micro-enterprise business including sewing, beading, crotcheting, ethnic fashions and accessories. Also, sales events/fashion shows that enable the crafters to sell their products.

2. Free Early Childhood program for the children of parents involved in sewing/beading micro-enterprise.

3. One on One and group ESL (Ensligh as a second language) and computer based ESL by trained instructors.

4. Vegetable Gardens where families grow food for own consumption and plan to sell to generate income, in the near future. This also provides job training, leadership opportunities and socializing opportunities for IRRVA community members.

B. Education Programs for Youth ( Ages infant - 20 years).

C. Develop capacity development of the refugee and immigrant community.

D. Educate the community about the presence, contributions and strengths of the refugees and immigrants.

E. Collaborate with other organizations that make up Global 505 to meet with government officials, schools and other stakeholders so as to ensure that families receive holistic and equitable services.

F. Interface with schools attended by the children so as to advocate and mediate between the children and families.

G. Advocate for and with the families.

Partner with Us by visiting our donation page or mail checks to Immigrant and Refugee Resource Village of Albuquerque or write IRRVA on the memo line. Mail to P.O. Box 93445, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA 87199. Thank You.

contact: (505) 435-5741