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Bridging, Enhancing Services.



IRRVA a 501 c (3) exempt organization serves low or no income, vulnerable kids and families who are refugees, immigrants, and locals, without discrimination including the homeless and almost homeless. IRRVA serves people from Africa, Asia, Middle East, U.S.A. and other parts of the world. While all refugees face significant barriers, the majority of the African refugee and immigrant community in particular those who have no formal education, therefore inability to speak, read, and write English tend to face great obstacles and are more vulnerable than those who had had some form of education, speak and write English. 

While there are agencies that provide assistance to refugees resettling in New Mexico, it is not sufficient for them to establish themselves in a new country that has one of the most complex systems in the world.
By the time the assistance provided to each refugee ends ( after 3 to 6 months) very few are ready to navigate on their own and outcomes are negative. On the other hand agencies that help immigrants are limited.
The majority especially women, single parents and young adults find it very difficult to find or retain jobs due to deficient prior work experience, skills and basic education.  Most local agencies are not designed to provide and bridge those gaps.

Goals And Objectives: 

Main goal is to prevent homelessness by 1.creating a sustainable program to train and hire 75 people yearly, who will create traditionally inspired garments, accessories for selling online in New Mexico and globally;2. Educate families; 3. Promote gardening ( grow own food) for consumption and marketing for healthy living.4. Teach Nutrition and healthy cooking for overall health.


Other Goals

  1. Strengthen and support resettled families, local low income, immigrants and other vulnerable people in New Mexico through advocacy, education and empowerment;
  2. Develop networks of refugee,immigrant and community leaders focused on educational success from birth to college;
  3. promote and improve the health of families;
  4. Prevent disease;
  5. mobilize and assist community leaders and communities to identify community needs and strategies as it relates to raising children who are connected socially, emotionally, educationally and economically;
  6. Familiarize refugees with the U.S. Health-care system
  7. Provide direct or referral Services to address unmet needs in the areas of English language training, employment, housing, health, social services or self help;
  8. Organize efforts and orientation designed to inform the refugee and other immigrant communities about issues essential to functioning well in their new home;
  9. Provide focused orientation and assistance to parents in connecting with the school system;
  10. Preserve  refugee and immigrant traditional art forms;
  11. Advocate for and with refugee and immigrant communities;
  12. Educate the Community at large about the presence, contributions, resilience and potential of refugee and immigrants;
  13. Promote Each One Teach One concept where people who have learned a skill or are successful teach and help another succeed
  14. Secure and manage a One Stop Center to provide a myriad of services to families
  15. Assist families in growing own food for consumption and marketing;
  16. Develop Culturally sensitive child care programming

Current Programs & Services

IRRVA offers various free services to meet its mission. They include programs in Women Empowerment, Girl, Boy and men empowerment, Educational, Youth, Community Service, mentoring, community education, health, leadership development,civics and advocacy. We also provide information and referrals to other resources already available in the area to efficiency of resources.

Youth and Education Services

Goal: to provide quality, holistic services which guide at risk refugee, immigrant, youth and other at risk vulnerable children success.
Programs: IRRVA mentors and counselors to assist refugee/immigrant parents with advocacy, interpretations, parent-teacher conferences, Job search, problem solving assistance, cultural consultations.

Center for Women Empowerment and homelessness prevention

Goal: New Mexico families are low or no income single, widowed and married parents with low or no income.. IRRVA seeks to provide necessary skills in order for them to develop independence and not become homeless.
Activities: Vocational skills training:  New Mexico Women's Global Pathways offers free training in sewing, beading, crotchet and weaving, business and basic computer..Financial literacy, Adult ESL & cultural education, transportation, job assistance, culturally sensitive pre-school for center's participants, interpretation, case management and help with accessing community resources
Future Offerings
One Stop Center for Healing, Social, Educational, Economic Development And Recreation.
Goal: 1. To train and assist aspiring at risk refugee, immigrants and indigenous adult and youth with a goal to pay a living wage with benefits while people are in training either to be employed at the center or to own their own businesses.

Goal: 2. Assist refugees to convene Refugee Healing Circles for adults and youth where participants with the help of  mental work practitioners, social workers and refugees who have inter grated successfully can gather in safe spaces to better meet the mental  needs of each participant through activities identified by and for refugees.

Goal 3. To assist children and families  in health promotion and disease prevention

Goal 4. To ensure children and their families have access to healthy foods

Reconciliation, Conflict Resolution Family Peace Services 

Goal: to educate refugees and other immigrants about American laws to reduce domestic violence, incidents of child neglect/abuse, American way of disciplining children, dealing with the criminal justice system, gender-based violence, strengthening couple relationships.

Elderly and Disabled Services

Interpretation and Translation Services Resources

 Work in ProgressWe are not fully able to implement all  this and other initiative yet without the proper space for clients to have the training and practice. We believe it will be one of the most rewarding initiatives for the New Mexico at risk immigrant, refugee community.

In Focus:    International Language School/Global Charter School in partnership with local organizations to address the unmet needs of refugee and other immigrant children.

Collecting and deliver furniture, kitchenware, clothes, and other necessities to supplement family budget.  Refugees and other immigrants come to New Mexico with no money and very few personal possessions.  IRRVA rallies community support.


Please help IRRVA help "hard to reach" and "at risk" families help themselves.  Please donate.  Please mail your check donation to IRRVA P.O. Box 93445, Albuquerque, New Mexico, U.S.A. 87199.  Thank you.


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